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Design Video and Tips

"Design It" Tips

  • Start by choosing your 2 or 3 favorite fabric prints within the nursery collection. Add 1 or 2 coordinating solids and you're ready to design. All fabrics are 100% organic cotton, so you don't have to worry where they're placed within the nursery.
  • The crib is usually the focal point of a nursery design, so start designing there.
  • When placing prints next to each other try using these tips:
    • Place prints with different motifs next to each other. For example a large floral next to a smaller stripe or abstract.
    • Try using the 40/20/10 rule. Use your favorite print in about 40% of the covered space, your second print in about 20% of the covered space and your third print in about 10% of the remaining space. Then fill in with coordinating solids.
    • Love the concept of "Color Blocking", choose your favorite print then 2 - 4 coordinating solid colors. Place the print then fill in around it with solids.

For more nursery design tips, check out our blog!

"Nursery Design It"-Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start by looking through the fabric collections and choosing your favorite. You'll see a description of the fabric and a couple of inspiration images.
  • Click on "Next Step" in the upper right corner to bring up the nursery designer.
  • Clicking on any circle will bring up the fabric palette. Choose the Tab, the type (for example "Cord or Ruffle"), and the fabric for the product you want to design and you'll see it displayed in the room. The palette can be moved, or collapsed for viewing ease.
  • Want a close up view of the area you are designing? Click one of the blue alternate "view" buttons at the top.
  • To view your cart simply click on the subtotal button, click it again and the line item summary disappears. If you see a product highlighted in red, the product is not completely designed. Clicking on the product name will bring the fabric palette back up so you can complete the item.
  • Once you have completed your design, click on the sub-total, and click "Add to cart".
  • If you want to add additional sheets or changing table covers you can change the quantity in the cart, or to change the color of the additional items, click on continue shopping. Once you are in the room view, click on the sub-total and remove all the items showing in the current cart. Design the new items and add to cart again. You can complete this process as many times as you want.