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We Care

A portion of every sale is donated to Project Night Night.


  • Each year, 1.5 million American children are homeless.
  • Children arriving at a shelter often come directly from an emergency situation, either domestic violence, extreme poverty, or disaster. Most of them have only the clothes on their backs.
  • The upheaval and distress of their situations often result in learning disabilities, anxiety, and depression — at 2-3 times the rate they occur in children living in homes.


  • Every year, Project Night Night provides 25,000 children across the country with Night Night packages, free of charge, when they arrive at a homeless shelter.
  • Each Night Night package contains childhood and educational essentials to feel secure, cozy, ready to learn, and significant: a stuffed animal, a blanket, and an age-appropriate book.
  • The stuffed animal and blanket offer comfort, security and a sense of ownership. The book provides an opportunity to develop vital language and imagination skills.


  • Night Night packages are assembled by over 10,000 volunteers across the country each year. People from neighborhoods, workplaces, scout troops, churches, and schools buy or collect items to fill up signature canvas tote bags, and then deliver the Night Night packages to homeless children staying in shelters in their local area.
  • The Adopt a Night Night Package program, provides meaningful, hands-on volunteer opportunities that establish a foundation for change in our communities.