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Why Organic

The question is simple but the answer is complex. Today, as consumers we often have the option of buying an organic version of many of the products we consume, and we buy organic for a variety of reasons. We believe organic is better for us, we believe it may be healthier, and we may be concerned with the possible negative effects non-organic products have on the environment. It is for this last reason that we sell only organic cotton products.

Today, cotton is grown on about 3% of the arable land around the world yet it accounts for about 15% of the pesticides and insecticides used. This lopsided use of pesticides, and especially insecticides, is bad enough, but it is compounded by the toxicity of these chemicals. Unfortunately the risk does not end there. These pesticides find their way into the air, ground, water and food supply.

Why we think organic cotton is better:

  • No genetic modification (GMO) seeds or plants allowed
  • Use of natural fertilizers
  • Use of environmentally friendly options for insect control
  • Use of low impact dyes in the printing process
  • Overall a better product for the money

To learn more about organic cotton production click on the links below.